As one of the last apprentices, I was trained as a Kunstformer (art caster) at the Dresden State Art Collections (Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, SKD) in the former GDR, where this profession was taught and practiced under the Kunstformer name until 1990. After successfully completing the apprenticeship, years of diverse projects in the world of art casting followed. The focus was on molding and casting copies of original artwork which were exhibited in renowned cast collections all over Europe.

In the following years, I had the opportunity to become a master craftsman which allowed me to establish my own workshop. My wish was also to keep doing casts of artistically valuable originals, since the workshop of the SKD had shifted its focus to the restoration and preservation of its in-house collection. Over the years our range of services steadily expanded. Since the beginning, we have been striving to accommodate different requests and ideas from our clients, and your suggestions are therefore always welcome.

By using new materials and technologies we seek to keep an old and traditional craft alive, and to pass on our knowledge to others. Faithfulness to the original and durability are just as important as creating a copy as close to the original as possible.